Nicola receives a phone call from the bank and tells Steve he'll have his money back at the end of the week. She thanks him and begins to look at him with new eyes. Declan is optimistic about the prospect of his upcoming festival, but his mood is soon shaken when the police call wanting to talk to him again. Debbie and Cameron enjoy their first day together again as a couple. David is aghast to realise that Nikhil is still seriously considering emigrating to Toronto. Debbie tells Sarah that Cameron's back to live with them again. Declan learns that one of the workmen, Thomas Hillam, on the site has told the police of a suspicious object that was found, and that Declan paid him to keep quiet. Declan fears he could be in serious trouble when the police flash a warrant to start digging. Steve finds out the police are sniffing around at Home Farm from Nicola. David enlists the help of Rishi and Jai to try and talk Nikhil out of moving, but he explains his reasoning for wishing to go. Cain tries to make Debbie see she's making a big mistake as Debbie states she's off to Jersey with Cameron. Declan makes an excuse to clear the campers out, and makes his excuses to the police of paying a workmen to catch up on time when he assumed they'd hit a tree root in an attempt to cover himself. Nikhil tells Brenda his plan to move to Toronto with Molly, she's heartbroken and screams that she hates him. The police arrive with the digger and Hillam as he shows them where to dig.


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Notable dialogue

Nicola King: "Your money will be back in by the end of the week."
Steve Harland: "Was that the bank?"
Nicola King: "No, it was that Asian lad from One Direction.
Steve Harland: "I don't know if you're being sarcastic because I don't know what that is."
Nicola King: "It was the bank."

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