Robbie realises that something serious is going on, more than Megan and Declan are letting on. When news gets back to him that the police have found something on the site, he urges his mum to get out before the situation gets worse, suggesting that they should leave together. Megan seems intent on staying to support her brother, but as tension mounts she seems increasingly torn. Meanwhile, with things still fraught between Paddy and Rhona, Paddy still doesn't know what to make of Rhona and her lies. Vanessa only adds further concern to his theory that there may be someone else. When Marlon and Paddy separately ask Rhona outright, she refuses to answer. Later, Rhona confronts Vanessa about her adding weight to Paddy's worries, but Vanessa suggests that there is someone else in Rhona's life - her. Once again she reiterates her love for Rhona, but pushes for an answer from her. Elsewhere, Brenda is shocked to learn that Nikhil plans to leave the village that very day. Jai desperately attempts to make her see things from Nikhil's point of view so that they can part on good terms and with her blessing. Later, Nikhil's final gift to Chas comes in the form of Gennie's belongings taken from the car, with the Dictaphone included. Also, when Cameron goes to the pub to collect his passport ahead of a trip to Jersey with Debbie and the kids, Chas is determined to get some answers from him. She is distraught as Cameron tries to justify his feelings and actions, stating that he only really felt sorry for her.


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