A helpless Declan continues to protest his innocence as the police probe him for answers about the body and Katie's whereabouts. Clutching at straws, he suggests that they could speak to her best friend Chas. Later, Declan is relieved when Chas confirms to the police that Katie left the village of her own free will and Declan is subsequently released without charge - for now! But the bad news is not over as he reels to hear the insurance company for the festival will not pay out. Meanwhile, in the pub toilets Vanessa continues to implore Rhona to come clean to Paddy about 'their relationship', but Rhona is adamant that she can handle Paddy without Vanessa's help. At the same time, Paddy rifles through Rhona's handbag and on scrolling through her phone thinks he's found the evidence he needs. A crazed Rhona is furious to return and see what Paddy has done and begins to lash out, hitting him. Paddy is bewildered, hurt and shocked. Soon Vanessa has calmed Rhona down with another dosage and Rhona attempts to go and see Paddy to give him an explanation. However, she arrives to see that Paddy has his bags packed. Elsewhere, dressed to impress, a jealous Kerry lavishes Dan with compliments as she invites him to spend the evening with her in The Woolpack rather than eat in at home. Kerry wants to keep Chas in her sights and can't refrain from making jealous snide quips as Chas serves Dan. Dan guesses Kerry's game so asks Chas for a favour. Kerry is soon raging and Dan is embarrassed by her reaction, although flattered! Also, Val and Pollard are worried about Amy's motives and Amy is suspicious of Pollard's generosity when he buys her and Val a surprise spa break.


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