Debbie and Cameron arrive back from Jersey. Debbie is apprehensive of seeing Chas, but Cameron thinks they should face the music and drink in The Woolpack, where the body at the glamping site and Declan's big cover-up is the hot topic of conversation. Soon the police arrive having now identified the body, and they show Declan the photo - it's Alex. Cameron blanches as he overhears and is almost physically sick as he dashes out. Shaking with worry, Cameron is panicked now his victim has been discovered! Meanwhile, Declan and Megan watch the ruined glamping site as it is dug over for evidence. Aware that all his plans and festival dreams are being broken up in front of him, Declan is very worried indeed. At the end of his tether and desperate for help, Declan implores Jai to invest in his business. However, with so much bad blood between them, Jai refuses outright. Declan later primes Charity to speak to Jai once more. Elsewhere, Marlon and Laurel are worried about Paddy, who eventually tells them about Rhona's shocking behaviour. Marlon is worried about Leo being left with Rhona and heads over to see her. Rhona is frazzled and Marlon makes a decision over Leo. Vanessa is at a loss as she realises that Rhona is having second thoughts. Seeing nowhere else to go and to keep Vanessa on side, Rhona pleads with her, lying about her feelings for her. Vanessa is not sure Rhona is being honest. Also, Pollard and Val confront Amy, who is determined to show that Kyle means nothing. Finally, Nicola and Alicia worry for their jobs now the festival is off.


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