At the hospital, Paddy is at Rhona's bedside, worried about the state of everything. He is grateful for Pearl's continued support and explains to her how Rhona is an addict. Rhona suddenly begins to bleed from her nose and everyone stands back as the medic gets to work. When Pearl heads back to the village, she urges Vanessa to stay well away. Later, Paddy is shocked at how bad Rhona is. Rhona is soon awake but full of self-loathing. Paddy doesn't quite know how to talk to her. Not long afterwards, Rhona tries to explain things to Marlon when the doctor arrives. Marlon and Rhona are both shocked when the doctor reveals the damage she has already done to her body. It is very serious. Meanwhile, Jai is clearly missing Nikhil. Later, Noah listens as Jai and Charity argue. He tells them that he is going to see Jacob and slips out as they continue rowing. At the same time, Jacob tells Alicia that he is heading off to see Noah but he looks guilty. The penny drops for Alicia and Charity when they realise the boys are missing. Elsewhere, Val worries that Amy's feelings for Kyle aren't going to go away. The police arrive to speak to Val and Eric so Amy slips away. She later assures Pollard she is fine over Kyle and proves it by giving the photo to Zak. Without realising it, Pollard and Val confirm Cameron's story to the police when questioned. They tell them that Cameron and Alex had a set-to over money before Alex vanished. Also, Sandy and Sean plot to get Edna's medals back from Eric, while Alex's murder is discussed and Cameron is quick to fuel the gossip when the finger seems to point at Cain.


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