Vanessa is hurt that Rhona doesn't want to see her. At the hospital, Paddy tells Rhona that Vanessa is staying at Moira's for now. Not long afterwards, the doctor notifies Rhona that she can go home. Back at the village, Paddy is adamant as he tells Vanessa to move out for good. Vanessa blurts out about her and Rhona kissing and Paddy is mortified as Pearl is listening. Later that day, Marlon tells Paddy that he and Laurel are taking Leo away for a bit. At the hospital, Moira visits Rhona. She tries to be supportive but warns her that it won't be easy to get better Meanwhile, Dan confronts Cameron over hitting Sean but is unnerved by his reaction, so Sean begins to plot his revenge. Later, Cameron panics when he receives a text saying that he hasn't got away with it. Paranoid about having killed Alex, Cameron is scared that someone knows the truth. Cameron discreetly leaves a voicemail, asking the mystery texter what they want. Unbeknownst to Cameron, Sean and Amelia listen to his voicemail and Cameron soon receives a text asking for £500 to be left in a bin. Cameron secretly takes cash from the tin when Debbie is out of the room and heads off to leave it at the suggested drop. Elsewhere, Declan is at a loss - he needs to free up some capital soon. Steve is intrigued to learn that Declan still hasn't found investors and Nicola warns him to stay well clear.


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