The villagers are enraged to wake up to find 'for sale' boards outside their houses. As Alicia uneasily suggests that Declan must be desperate and have a serious cash flow problem, Steve takes pleasure in stirring the situation further, explaining that he offered to buy Home Farm but Declan turned him down flat. The villagers are in shock, believing they are all getting chucked out so he can stay in his big mansion. They will no doubt have something to say on the matter. At the same time, Declan grimly considers the one debt he did not want to have to call in. Meanwhile, Paddy tries to keep the mood light whilst Rhona is in obvious pain. At the same time, Vanessa worries that Paddy does not know what he has taken on. Later, Rhona encourages a torn Paddy to go and treat Alfie, who has eaten rat poison, insisting she will be fine. Paddy relents but forgets his vet's bag. Rhona is clearly tempted by what might be in the bag. When Paddy returns, he is rocked by the state she is in. Elsewhere, when Cameron questions Adam about the money, he realises that Adam is not his blackmailer. But Cameron is left stung when Adam tells him that he is not right in the head, and later, Cameron sets to get serious revenge on him. Also, Amy tells a sceptical Victoria that she thinks she needs to see Kyle one more time to get him out of her system. Finally, Steve tells Nicola to go to him if she needs anything and is encouraged by her teasing.


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