As Debbie attempts to remain casual around Cameron, she becomes increasingly frustrated that she is getting nowhere. Later, when Cameron suggests they should head upstairs, Debbie finds herself in an unthinkable position. Meanwhile, Amy brings Kyle to meet the family but when Joanie calls to pick him up early, she has to make her excuses and a swift exit. Kerry spots Amy and is intrigued to hear her calling out Kyle's name. Curious, she follows Amy and soon finds herself face-to-face with Joanie. As Kerry realises Amy's lies, will she blow her cover? Elsewhere, David and Alicia's marriage annulment comes through. Alicia is touched when David says it was an honour to have married her, but their warm moment is broken when Priya returns from bridal boot camp. Also, Brenda takes comfort from Kerry's dream about Gennie, and Bob doesn't have the heart to put her straight. Finally, Ruby tells Bob about Dan's offer and asks his advice.


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