Amy is outside Joanie's house, desperately trying to make amends through the door and pouring her heart out. Pollard arrives to take her home, but they are shocked when Joanie suddenly opens the door. Amy tries to explain herself to Joanie but soon oversteps the mark. Pollard sends Amy back to the car and suggests he and Joanie could talk inside. Pollard then asks Joanie if she'll consider letting Amy have a part in Kyle's life. Meanwhile, Priya is upset that her wedding is in jeopardy because of Alicia leaving. David is taken aback when Megan reveals that it was Alicia's decision to go because of personal reasons. David is thwarted when he tries to ask Alicia why she left her job. Dom watches as they chat - he's keen for him and Alicia to move further away from the village. Elsewhere, Nicola is trying to make an effort for work but Jimmy shouts at her, wishing she didn't care so much about money. Nicola vows to prove herself to him and Jai. At the factory, Nicola retaliates after Kerry winds her up. Unfortunately Nicola is mortified when Jai walks in and she is caught. Also, Moira knows she is out of options as Jai declined Cain's offer. She later lies that John's mum has agreed to give them as much as they need. Adam is shocked to discover it's a lie as Moira is keen to keep Cain away from their money worries in case he goes the wrong side of the law for them. Finally, Val and Zak are appalled to realise Kerry knew all along about Amy, and when Marlon and Laurel get home will Paddy tell them that he and Rhona have split up?


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