Pollard nearly manages to talk Joanie round to letting Amy see Kyle occasionally. However, when Joanie realises Kyle is missing. Pollard pales to see both his car and Amy have gone. Joanie is about to call the police when Amy returns with Kyle. Joanie is angry and Pollard has to force Amy to leave before she antagonises the situation further. Later, Amy and Pollard finally arrive back in the village and Val wants to know what is going on. Amy blames Pollard for ruining everything, whilst Zak attempts to comfort her. Afterwards, Andy is unnerved when Amy makes a private admission. Meanwhile, Moira has enquired about getting the farm valued. Adam suggests Cain could sort things, but Moira thinks she should get him out of the picture for a while when it goes up for sale. At the same time, Debbie tells Charity that Sarah has been getting some stick at school because of Cameron. Cain is angry about Sarah being bullied and a holiday is suggested. Moira suggests Cain go with Debbie, as with him away she can try to sell the farm. Elsewhere, Dom confronts Alicia over lying about David and the reason she left her job. She explains that she couldn't handle planning David's wedding but that it's over between them. Alicia suggests they do need to look for a place outside the village. Also, Jimmy finds old texts from Steve in Nicola's phone and demands to know whether she slept with him. Finally, Marlon and Laurel realise it's definitely over between Paddy and Rhona. Marlon reassures Paddy he'll always be in Leo's life.


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