Ashley has decided that he's moving to Woodbine Cottage and he sympathises with Bernice when she says that DeeDee didn't want to move up with her. As Ashley is packing up, Laurel comes in suggesting they have a drink to say goodbye to the place - one for the road. They start to toast the place and as the night wears on, they become drunk and Laurel misses a call from Marlon. In the heat of the moment, Laurel tells Ashley that she wishes he and Gabby were going to live with her, not knowing how he secretly feels for her. Edna and Sandy later return to find a drunk Laurel and Ashley. Sandy worries for Ashley's feelings. Meanwhile, Nicola tells Bernice that she and Jimmy are having problems, and as per usual, Bernice is far from tactful. Determined to get Jimmy back, Nicola arrives at Pear Tree Cottage, telling Charity that she's there to work. However, PC Swirling soon arrives, telling Nicola that her earlier statement doesn't add up. Quickly speaking up to save the company, Charity spares no detail in explaining to Swirling about Nicola's recent problems. PC Swirling advises that Jimmy will have to go on a re-training course. Worried about the business, Charity claims Nicola can do deliveries. Elsewhere, Marlon starts to form an idea when Laurel tells him that she's happy but feels like she's asking too much to have the perfect little life. Calling Paddy in to cover for him whilst he heads into town, Marlon goes to get an engagement ring for Laurel. Best mate Paddy goes one further and suggests he goes with him, excited to be a part of his plan. Later, Marlon has bought the ring and Paddy orders balloons, throwing himself into the proposal plan to escape his own problems. Waiting with the children, Marlon is nervous as he goes through the rehearsal of his speech again and again. But where is Laurel? Also, Val has got Kyle a teddy but Pollard thinks Joanie might change her mind again, Rodney is still upset with Georgia over the tennis club function, while Kerry is not happy about Amy and Andy.


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