Nicola gears up to do a haulage run. Rodney agrees to let Jimmy stay at his until he sorts things out with Nicola. Despite finding out Nicola is helping to keep the business afloat, Jimmy tells her that he is not her man anymore and she is the worst thing to have ever happened to him. Meanwhile, hungover from last night's drinks with Ashley and aware she messed things up, Laurel can't resist trying on the engagement ring she has found hidden in Marlon's jacket pocket. However, the ring gets stuck and Laurel has to avoid seeing Marlon. Marlon wants to propose again, but when he can't find the ring, he thinks it is fate's way of telling him to give up. Elsewhere, Val and Eric Pollard crash a meal Amy has organised for her, Andy, Joanie and Kyle. She reluctantly agrees to the extra dinner guests as she worries about making a bad impression. Soon Amy is cornered into inviting Diane, Kerry and Dan to join them for dinner too. With Pollard helping to make dinner and worrying about the growing numbers, Joanie and Kyle turn up early, setting her further on edge. Also, Priya is frustrated with Georgia's input in the wedding, Rodney takes a job as a male escort, while Sandy is worried about Ashley as his feelings for Laurel grow.


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