Laurel comes clean to Marlon about the lost engagement ring, as it's still stuck on her finger. Afterwards, Marlon asks Laurel to marry him. Not being able to keep juicy news to herself, Bernice can't help but spread Marlon and Laurel's engagement before they've had a chance to do it themselves. The couple later officially announce the news. At the same time, Edna tells Sandy that she'll keep an eye on Ashley while he goes to his reunion. Sandy thinks Ashley is setting himself up for a fall with Laurel. Preparing himself to speak to Laurel, Ashley shaves his beard off, becoming the man he used to be. Feeling confident, Ashley takes a deep breath and prepares to face Laurel as he leaves the house, but little does he know that Laurel and Marlon have announced their engagement. Meanwhile, Amy is feeling awkward over the gatecrashed dinner and is concerned about how it will unfold. With tension already in the air, it doesn't help matters when Kerry calls Kyle her grandson and Joanie discovers that she used to date Andy. Arguments soon erupt between the dinner party guests and things look bad in front of Joanie. Elsewhere, Jimmy agrees to return home, for Angel's sake. Also, Rodney meets Veronica and she asks for 'extras' on their pre-arranged date.


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