Joanie visits Amy and tells her that they need to have some ground rules before she can see Kyle. Joanie reveals her requests, but Amy is gutted that she doesn't trust her. Later, Pollard is exasperated as he stops Val from going over to Amy's. She then refuses to go on holiday, adamant that she's needed in the village. As Pollard leaves, he tells Amy that he loves her and asks Val to take care of her. Meanwhile, Edna is uneasy as Ashley receives his divorce papers in the post. She is becoming increasingly wary of him. Soon afterwards, Laurel visits Ashley in the church. He is upset as she tells him that she wants them to remain friends. Ashley leaves and Laurel realises there's more to the situation when Edna tells her about his temper. Edna tries to offer support to Ashley, but he gets angry when he realises she's been talking to Laurel about him. Edna is scared of his temper, and he is horrified to see that she is frightened of what he might do. Elsewhere, Marlon thinks Paddy should go to see Rhona, and he and Vanessa are relieved when Paddy reluctantly agrees to think about it. However, when Paddy realises they have manipulated him, he is furious and snaps at Marlon. Paddy returns home to find a concerned Chas sitting on the doorstep. She tries to tell him that he needs to talk to Rhona, but he doesn't want anyone interfering and tells her to back off. Also, Rachel is annoyed that Lisa had Archie's hair cut, leaving Belle worried by their rift. Finally, Ali admits to Rachel that Ruby still wants a baby but is struggling to find a way, even though there is always Dan's offer to help.


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