Val gives Amy the number for social services. Victoria worries about how determined she is to get Kyle back, but Andy offers his support. Val is smug as she fills Kerry in on Amy's situation and Kerry is hurt that Amy has kept her in the dark. Later that day, Joanie overhears Kerry telling Dan how Amy is going to social services to get Kyle. Kerry is mortified and she desperately tries to persuade Joanie that she has got it wrong about Amy, but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Paddy and Chas confide in each other over a bottle of wine. Paddy admits that his marriage to Rhona is over, but he doesn't want to hinder her progress. Marlon is suspicious as he watches Paddy and Chas's sudden closeness, while they take comfort in each other and get tipsier and tipsier. It looks like Marlon was right to have his suspicions when a drunken Paddy goes to kiss Chas. Elsewhere, Andy and the Dingles are concerned to hear Debbie admit that she may need a fresh start away from the village. Chas is disgusted at how easily the Dingles have welcomed Debbie back and gives them an ultimatum - her or Debbie. Also, Ruby and Ali regretfully tell Dan and Kerry that they'll no longer need him in their baby plans.


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