As news spreads about Cameron's escape and disappearance, both Chas and Debbie are living in fear, knowing his anger against them for what they did. Debbie tries to busy herself with work, but the mystery calls soon break her bravado as she slumps down distraught. Soon Debbie's mind is put at rest when the police show her CCTV footage of Cameron boarding a ferry. However, with Debbie's mind assuaged, is it all as it seems? Meanwhile, Paddy is torn as he decides whether to tell Rhona about his night with Chas, leaving Marlon and Laurel exasperated as they advise him against it. Chas is not in the mood to discuss Paddy's marriage issues, so she tells him to see Rhona and sort it out between themselves. Laurel is alarmed that Paddy still wants to tell Rhona. Elsewhere, Ali is put out as Ruby rushes off suspiciously with Lindy, Ruby's mysterious caller. It soon becomes clear that Lindy is Ruby's mum and that their mother/daughter relationship isn't great. Ruby tries to deter her from sticking around as she dreads telling Ali that Lindy is her mum. Ali is stunned when the reason becomes clear why! Also today, a severe weather storm with high winds and heavy rain hits Emmerdale village. Finally, Rishi is suspicious of Rodney's nocturnal activities and issues Rodney with a final warning - his escorting days really have to be over or he'll tell Georgia.


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