Dom sits at Alicia's bedside. Paddy visits Marlon and Laurel at Tall Trees Cottage, he says he's going to visit Rhona today. Vanessa tells Chas she can stay at Victoria Cottage as long as she wants. Dom is annoyed to find David at Alicia's bedside again, they argue and Dom pins David against the wall. The nurse kicks Dom out. Andy receives a phone call from Debbie, saying that she's decided to buy Mulberry Cottage. Victoria and Andy discuss Amy and Kyle; she doesn't agree with Amy's decision to take Kyle away from Joanie. Amy arrives home and says she plans to attend college in an attempt to get a better paid job and impress Social Services. Chas bumps into Jimmy at Carl's grave as she goes to visit Gennie's. Marlon drives Paddy to Rhona's rehab clinic but tries to talk him out of telling her about Chas. Priya visits David at the hospital. He tells her that they're over as he's realised he's in love with Alicia; she's devastated. Chas and Jimmy share a drink in the garden of Mill Cottage. He advises Chas that she has to make the pub her own again, otherwise Cameron's won. Rhona meets with Paddy, they both admit that they still love each other, but Paddy can't bring himself to tell her about sleeping with Chas. Alicia stirs and wakes at the hospital. Victoria worries that Amy will end up getting hurt again in the battle for Kyle. David tells Alicia that he's finished with Priya as he's in love with her. Laurel, Bernice and Diane begin to clean up the pub, Chas arrives inspired by Jimmy's advice. David manages to convince Alicia that he's genuine about his love for her this time, she admits she loves him too and they share a kiss. Priya cries to Georgia that David's finished with her. Jacob leaves for the hospital with Dom excited that Alicia's awake. Dom tells Priya he'll send David back to her. Watching Jacob get in the car, Priya realises she has the knowledge to destroy the three of them if she wanted to.


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