It's bonfire night in the village, and when Rachel and Sam are distracted for a moment disaster strikes as Samson’s sparkler sets off a box of fireworks. In the ensuing panic, Archie is fine, but Sam is surprised when the Sharmas find out and Jai is more concerned about Archie than Rishi. Unable to keep the secret to herself any longer, Rachel confesses to a stunned Sam that Jai is Archie's dad. Jacob is still furious with Alicia for lying to him for all these years, telling Priya that he's going to get himself adopted by a new family. When Jacob tells Alicia that he never wants to see her again, she is distraught, not knowing what to do to make things better. With Priya the only person that Jacob is confiding in, she tries to convince him to go back to his mum. There's more trouble at the fireworks display when Gabby proves to be a proper little madam, making a rude comment to an outraged Brenda. When a watching Angel finds it hilarious, Nicola is furious with Bernice for not keeping her daughter under control. Bernice isn’t bothered, even when Bob and Brenda confront them about Gabby and Angel's bad behaviour.


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