The shock revelation that Rachel lied to him about Archie’s father has left Sam not knowing what to think, while a miserable Rachel wonders if she's lost Sam forever. Meanwhile, when Jai finds out that Sam knows his big lie, he panics that it's only a matter of time before Charity finds out. Confronting Sam, Jai threatens him that Rachel will regret it if Sam lets on to anyone. With Gabby’s behaviour getting increasingly out of control, Nicola warns Bernice that unless she reprimands Gabby she might have to ask them both to move out for Angel’s sake. As always, Bernice tries to get round the situation and butters up Jimmy, offering him a leg rub. Spying an opportunity to wind up Nicola, Gabby puts one of Bernice's bras into Jimmy's jacket pocket. Despite making a decision to give up his escorting career, Rodney soon finds himself reconsidering. When high maintenance Georgia splurges on a shopping trip, Rodney panics, suggesting they stay in for a romantic dinner instead of splashing the cash at a fancy restaurant. It's not long before he's talking to client Veronica, saying he’d be delighted to escort her again.


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