Paddy realises that Vanessa also thinks Rhona could still be using pills when he finds her checking the drugs cabinet. After saying they should split up if they can't trust each other, Rhona promises Paddy that she is clean, while he swears that there is nothing going on with Chas. However, when the doctor prescribes Rhona antibiotics for a bladder infection, she panics. Rhona later pretends to Paddy that she has taken the pills, but in reality she is unable to face taking them, despite the doctor warning her that she could suffer kidney failure if she doesn't. An angry Marlon says that he'd rather fight for custody of Leo than let him go back home to Rhona if she is still using. Despite Marlon's wishes, Paddy barges past and scoops Leo up anyway. Meanwhile, Jai is concerned to hear that Samson has a virus and suggests that the Sharmas should look after Archie at theirs until Samson is better. Rishi is angry with Jai for dropping him in it with Georgia and Charity over Archie coming to stay. Sam tries to cover his confusion when he learns that Archie is staying at Holdgate Farm. Charity arrives and is immediately suspicious as she senses the tense atmosphere and sees Sam scuttling off. Later, Charity questions Sam as she knows he is lying to her. Will Charity get the truth out of him? Elsewhere, Robbie tells Declan that he knows a guy called Gil, who may want to buy all the properties as a whole. Also, Bernice is appalled when she finds out about her father's new career.


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