The doctor tells the Sharma family that Rishi has had a minor heart attack. Charity stares down at the 'mini-Jai' in his buggy. Jai, Sam and Rachel are worried as Charity pushes it further and won't let it go. Later, Charity challenges Sam to explain his falling out with Jai. With Sam floundering, Rachel blanches as Charity suggests that Jai was the one who got her pregnant. It's all too much for Sam and Rachel to deal with and Jai panics as he realises that it could be game over. Meanwhile, David is shocked when Alicia suggests that Priya is still pregnant. Priya then admits that she doesn't know if she wants to keep the baby. David tells a tearful Priya that he wants the baby and is there for her. Priya allows David to comfort her as she tells him that she's never felt so alone. Elsewhere, Veronica offers Rodney three grand to sleep with her. Will he accept? Also, Ashley is offered an interview for the vicar position, while Sandy is enthusiastic about the speed-dating event at The Woolpack. Finally, Declan introduces Gil to Megan as Gil agrees to view the houses.


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