Feeling low after the fall-out with Noah, Charity considers Priya's advice to talk to Jai. Later, Jai is encouraged when Charity arrives at Holdgate Farm and something in her demeanour has changed. Although the estranged couple begin making some headway, they quickly come to blows when Charity comes face-to-face with Archie. Charity is furious and tells Jai that she will be filing for divorce. Meanwhile, in a bid to collect the most money for the Christmas fund, it seems Harriet is prepared to use underhand tactics. Elsewhere, as Robbie continues to worry for Megan, he enlists the help of Katie to try and talk her round. His plan fails when Megan manages to persuade Katie that all is well in the Macey household. Robbie feels helpless and insists that he will leave rather than stick around and watch Megan stand by Declan, but will Robbie follow through with this? Also, Rhona tells Paddy that she has not been taking her antibiotics. She is relieved when Paddy comforts her and reiterates that they will find a way to work through her troubles. Finally, Jacob clocks the tension between David and Priya, who is determined to keep Alicia out of her baby's life. Eric urges David to tell Jacob what is going on.


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