With Charity manoeuvring the digger to wreak further damage, Jai makes a surprise move of his own as he picks up a large mallet. Jai knows Charity wants his attention - surely her extreme actions must mean she still has feelings for him? Later, when Cain goes to Charity's aid, Moira cannot help but feel a tad put out. As Cain tries to comfort and sober Charity up, she misreads the situation and makes a move. How will Cain respond? Meanwhile, with Jacob still pushing the question as to whether Alicia and David are getting married, he encourages a proper proposal. As David kneels, Alicia wonders if it's for real. How will Alicia respond? Elsewhere, Megan tries to sweeten the deal with Gil by using all her feminine ways of persuasion. But when he suggests that Megan should come and work with him, she is tempted. Could she have found her way out of this mess? Also, the interview process begins for the parish position, but who will come out on top - Ashley or Harriet? Finally, Laurel talks to Arthur about his Christmas wish. She is determined to somehow put things right.


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