Cain does his best not to squirm under Jai's questioning. At the same time, a humiliated Charity wishes the ground could swallow her up whole. Later, a determined Jai takes Charity to a memorable place, a lake where she had promised never to leave him. Charity becomes increasingly frustrated and in a fury throws her wedding ring across the now frozen lake. Jai is aghast and is determined to get the ring back in a bid to show Charity how much he cares about her and their marriage. He clambers on to the ice to retrieve it, but his demonstration backfires when the ice beneath him begins to crack and he plummets into the freezing water. Will Charity go to his aid, or will the icy conditions turn her heart cold and leave him to face his fate? Meanwhile, David attempts to tell Priya that he is engaged to Alicia, but cannot summon the courage when he sees her suffering from pregnancy symptoms with sick in her hair. At the same time, Dom catches Alicia wearing her engagement ring. Also, Laurel wishes she had listened to Marlon about her statement. Petrified, she wonders what her court case may bring.


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