Ross distracts himself from his worries at the pub. At the same time, Marcus and his gang of men head to Butlers Farm. Things turn nasty when the men hold Moira back, lock her in the van and set upon Adam. Later, Cain and Ross arrive to sheer devastation. Butlers is trashed and an ambulance is called. Ross realises he is to blame, while Moira and Cain are at loggerheads. What will come of all of this? Meanwhile, when Jai overhears Charity talking to Noah about all the fighting, Jai realises that he needs to do something about it. Will he be able to win her round? Elsewhere, Rodney worries that his meeting with Janet could get him in hot water with her husband Dougie. Keen to point the finger elsewhere, he tells an arriving Dougie that Eric is the one having the affair with his wife. Moments later, Dougie punches Eric, while telling Val that he has been sleeping with his wife. Val punches Eric and fumes to think that Eric has been doing the dirty. Soon Val learns the truth of the situation and she and Eric plot to get their own back on Rodney. When their plan involves faking Eric's death, could this cause Rodney to have a heart attack of his own? Also, Jude sets Ashley and Harriet their next task to prove their worth for the vicar job. Harriet looks confident to win as she enlists the help of some rehabilitated youth offenders to assist in the re-tiling of the church roof. However, later when she chases Sean off after he attempts to nick some slate, Ashley realises that she's been spinning a few white lies as he enjoys reminding a suddenly energetic Harriet of her supposed "bad back".


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  • This was an hour-long episode.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,090,000 viewers (20th place).
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