Fed up with Ross and Adam's constant bickering, Moira tells Ross to take Cain's place at the garage. Debbie reluctantly agrees when Dan claims that he can't work due to his injuries. Ross grins as he sets his sights on Debbie. Will steely Debbie be immune to his charms? Later in the pub, Ross bets Adam twenty quid he can't pull Katie again. Adam is pleased when he and Katie head home together. Things go well as they get intimate, until like a bad penny Ross turns up. Katie gets wind of the bet and is furious to have been set up. Meanwhile, Robbie tries to stand up for Megan, but Declan tells him it's none of his business. Robbie's frustration grows when Megan tries to downplay matters. Gossip about Declan hitting Megan is spreading quickly and a concerned Zak decides to go and see how she is coping. Feisty Nicola stands up to Declan, calling him desperate and querying if he's truly having a breakdown. Nicola also tries to make Megan see sense, telling her to get out before it's too late. Later, Zak encourages a nervous Megan to confide in him as he questions her relationship with Declan. Megan is left torn when Zak encourages her to stay with them, worried Declan is mentally unstable. Will Megan heed the advice, or is she in total denial? Elsewhere, Kerry cheers up when Dan suggests they fight back and outdo Val and her Christmas lights. Val is outraged to see that Dan and Kerry have bought more Christmas decorations, and the women declare a 'light' war on each other. Also, Moira is later pleased to clear the air with Diane.


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