Robbie is unhappy to leave Megan with Declan. In the café, a determined Megan stuns Gil when she tells him that she'd like to take him up on his job offer. Declan is stunned when Megan shares the news with him, telling him that she's moving out today. Desperate for Megan to stay, Declan is devastated when she sticks to her word, telling him that it's better for both of them if she goes. Megan makes Robbie promise that he'll stay living with Declan as she is worried he is heading for a meltdown. Is she right to be concerned? Meanwhile, Rachel worries Charity is out for revenge, and Jai begins to seriously worry when Rachel doesn't turn up to collect Archie. Charity tries to keep it together when she finds Jai playing happy families with Rachel and Archie. She is thrown to hear that it's Archie's birthday tomorrow. Grudgingly Charity suggests they throw Archie's birthday party at Holdgate Farm. Later, Charity admits to a worried Debbie that she doesn't know how much longer she can keep it in, acknowledging she is a ticking time bomb. Elsewhere, Priya is unimpressed when Georgia tries to set her up with a personal trainer. But there is an upside, as Priya gets a reaction out of David as she flirts with personal trainer Rhys when they arrange a date for tomorrow. Also, Ross winds Adam up about Katie, while Katie wonders if she's got Adam wrong. Finally, the war continues between Kerry and Val as they try to outdo each other with their Christmas decorations. Dan and David struggle to put Kerry's massive Christmas tree up.


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