Charity is putting on a brave face over Archie's birthday, but she is struggling to keep a lid on her feelings. Debbie admits her fears about Charity to Lisa. Soon afterwards, Lisa is shocked to see intent in Charity's eye as she sits behind the wheel of her car ready to mow down Rachel and Archie. Charity revs up the engine - has Charity's really lost her mind enough to wipe out Archie and Rachel in one hit? Later, everything has got too much for Charity, who tells Jai he has a big decision to make. Meanwhile, David and Alicia are frustrated that they still haven't told Priya about the wedding. At the same time, Priya gets ready for her lunch date with Rhys. Spotting Priya, David is about to tell her about the wedding, but he and Alicia realise she's on a date. Priya is soon bored until she spots David watching and laughs loudly. Rhys is dull, but Priya sees him in a new light when she learns how close he is to his nephew, so is aware he is good with kids. David assures Alicia that he's not jealous. Elsewhere, Ashley is struggling with his presentation and is frustrated when Harriet arrives, wanting some time away. Harriet is hurt that everyone seems to be rooting for Ashley. Also, Declan is left feeling wretched when Robbie tells him that he and Megan have written him off as he is leaving too. Finally, Katie is unimpressed when Vanessa arrives to look at the horse, as Katie's last horse died when Vanessa was called out.


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