There's tension at Butler's Farm as the new arrivals try to get along together. Zak is very worried about how Cain will react to James and his sons moving in, and he's particularly worried about James being around Moira. Zak leaves Cain a message, urging him to come home. Later, Moira and James are dressed up and just about to leave for a farmers' party when out of the blue Cain returns. Moira is angry, demanding an explanation. Headstrong Moira is not in the mood for Cain's games and he is shocked when she and James head out to the party regardless. Meanwhile, Charity tries to carry on as normal, but Debbie is wondering when she will blow and unleash her full fury. Priya and Rishi worry when Jai tells them he is going to the solicitors. At the haulage office, Jimmy is annoyed by Charity and tells Debbie to take her to the pub. Charity is thrown when Jai hands her divorce papers to sign. Charity shows him exactly what she thinks when she knees him in the crotch and storms out. Elsewhere, Edna prepares the nativity set, but she and Ashley are worried when new vicar Harriet says there's a change of plan. Harriet plans to abolish the nativity. Edna holds fast but Harriet is determined - the nativity must go. She is adamant that she's going to put her own stamp on the place now she is in charge. Also, Eric is exasperated as Val and Kerry continue to try to outdo one another on Christmas decorations. But Val has got mischief in mind as she sets out into the street with a saw! Finally, Ross takes an interest in Charity.


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