It doesn't faze Ross that he is in Jai's bed as he and Charity kiss. Charity is excited at the thought of Jai returning home and catching them. At the same time, Jai broods in the pub, with Rishi refusing to let him go home and cry. Later, Charity panics when Ross is about to leave without Jai having returned. Needing to delay him, she pounces on him again. Jai and Rishi eventually return home and Charity gleefully makes her way to the top of the stairs with Ross in tow. Jai darkens to see them. Meanwhile, Amelia glows with pride after her star appearance in Kerry's light display. Kerry is chuffed that everything seems to be going well. However, when Val empties the snow machine, Kerry fumes. Ready to do battle, the two women start to wrestle. Elsewhere, at Home Farm, a dishevelled Declan finds Robbie tidying up. Declan explains that he has given up and blames Megan for his mess. Hacked off with his attitude, Robbie leaves, but he begs Katie to return with him and try to talk sense into Declan. Katie and Robbie arrive at Home Farm to find bailiffs and removal men ransacking the house. Declan snaps at Robbie, telling him he has nothing left. Katie leaves, rattled by Declan's vitriol. Declan offers Robbie whisky, encouraging him to drink to his demise, but Robbie refuses, leaving Declan alone and uncaring in his house. Also, Paddy refuses to decorate the surgery for Christmas and turns down being a replacement Santa at the grotto. Finally, Dom tries to encourage Jacob to talk to David about his fears, while Cain is annoyed when James decides to stay on at the farm after all but is soon distracted as he and Moira kiss and make up.


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