It's the day of Alicia and David's wedding, but everything seems to be going wrong. Alicia's boiler has packed in, so she can't get ready at home, then Val accidentally burns her hair while styling it. Val has also got a bad feeling that Priya will spoil the wedding day and tells Alicia why. Over with the Pollards, David is violently sick. When Priya sees Alicia in the window she gives her a murderous glare. With doubts setting in, Alicia rings David to tell him her concerns. An optimistic David puts the day back on track, but their day is not smooth running yet, as more surprises and trouble turn up. There's a dress disaster, a shock and some bad news. Meanwhile, Sam is overwhelmed with guilt and sneaks back to Home Farm to replace the stolen presents, clumsily knocking the tree over before leaving. Not long after, Declan comes home with Charity, as they have been talking at The Woolpack. However, Charity is disturbed by Declan's attitude and soon leaves. Worried about the way she left things, Charity decides to go back to Home Farm. She arrives and is shocked to see Declan with a petrol can. Declan is stunned that Charity has caught him in the act of pouring petrol around the house. Hell bent on destroying everything, including himself, Declan continues to douse the house with petrol. With Charity's words of protest having no effect, Declan lights a match and drops it on the Christmas tree. Elsewhere, Rachel gets a text from Sam to meet him at Robblesfield Rock. When they meet up, Rachel is bemused as he tells her to close her eyes and wait. Rachel accepts a surprise proposal from Sam and happily puts a blue plastic ring on her finger. Also, Kerry's plan to make Christmas perfect ends in disaster when she gets carried away with Dan and burns the turkey.


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  • This one-hour episode, transmitted at 6.15pm was originally produced as two half-hour episodes, with separate production codes.
  • First appearance of Leyla Harding since 5th August 2011.
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