The fire starts to take hold at Home Farm. Charity tries to throw water on the flames, but a satisfied Declan watches on as the blaze spreads even more. With a fleeing Charity horrified by the unfolding events, Declan pours himself a drink while the room burns around him. However, while alone, Declan finally begins to panic. Charity is about to go back inside when Declan leaps out of the window, unable to go through with his suicide. They get in Charity's car and drive off. At the same time, Megan has seen the blaze from the woods. After calling the fire brigade, she arrives at Home Farm to save Declan. Getting into trouble inside, Megan fights to remain conscious as she continues to look for Declan. She's shocked to see the stairs have gone and all of a sudden a ceiling beam falls, knocking her unconscious. The sound of sirens grows louder as Megan lies unconscious, trapped in the burning house. Meanwhile, Sam's engagement joy is cut short when he hears about the Home Farm fire and panics that he started it. He tells Rachel about the Christmas tree and he is determined to go up and see if there's anything he can do. The fire at Home Farm continues to rage as Sam, Rachel, Lisa and Zak approach. Sam is ashamed and afraid as the fire crew enters the house to rescue Megan. Sam is distraught, thinking he might have killed her. Elsewhere, Kerry comforts Brenda at Gennie's grave.


Regular cast

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  • This one-hour episode, transmitted at 6.15pm was originally produced as two half-hour episodes, with separate production codes.
  • In an unusual move for the show, the 'End of Part' break bumpers appeared over footage of the current scene before fading to black.
  • Molly Sharma appears in this episode in pre-recorded webcam footage watched by her grandmother Brenda Walker.
  • Additional Credits: Arcadia SFX Ltd (SFX Company), Alen Gunn (SFX Supervisor), Matt Owens (Rapid Fire Cover), Mark Lisbon (Stunt Co-ordinator), Stephen Dobson (Technical Support)
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