Home Farm is burnt to a shell and Megan's life hangs in the balance. As the fire investigation officers look over the smouldering embers of Home Farm, a desolate Sam watches from a distance. Later, Sam is questioned about the fire and his nerves take over. Rachel tries to reassure Sam that he didn't cause the fire, but Sam is not convinced. Meanwhile, Declan is feeling guilty as the police interview him about the fire, but Robbie spots the glances between Declan and Charity and is suspicious. Robbie confronts them and Declan is too broken up to deny it. Charity has too much to lose and tries to take control of a distraught Declan, but he is adamant that he wants to confess. Embarking on a cover-up, Charity heads back to Home Farm and deletes all CCTV evidence of her and Declan being at the scene. Stumbling upon footage of Sam entering the building, Charity starts to work out her strategy. Elsewhere, Cain senses that James has feelings for Moira and announces that he is taking her away for New Year's Eve.


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