Megan is still in a coma. Declan sits at her bedside tormented by guilt, while Charity goes to see Sam and Rachel to find out what he said to the police. Charity knows Sam is hiding something that could work in her and Declan's favour. At the same time, Robbie is determined to get a confession from Declan. Soon the police are questioning Declan, who begins to flounder. Meanwhile, Moira declines a night away and then tries to figure out why Cain is so desperate to take her away - he is showing his softer romantic side. Cain tells her he has lined something up and Moira starts to wonder. Elsewhere, Kerry is looking for ways to cheer Brenda up, but Bob is not convinced that her Diva party for New Year's Eve will do the trick. With the party plans well under way, it soon becomes clear she has competition in the form of a Woolpack Gangsters and Molls party. Also, Pete tries his luck with downbeat Priya, but gets a shock when Kerry lets the cat out the bag about her pregnancy.


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