Sam voices the idea of leaving the village to Rachel but she doesn't take it seriously. David is still wary over Leyla spending time with Jacob. Priya continues to avoid eating. Brenda's disappointed when she misses Nikhil and Molly when Georgia speaks to them on Skype. Charity puts the frighteners on Rachel and she voices to Sam that maybe they should consider leaving the village. Leyla discovers Alicia told David about her pole-dancing when he blabs about it to Victoria. Harriet tells Bob about a bereavement counselling service she runs at the church that she thinks could benefit Brenda. A police car pulls up outside the church and a panicked Rachel covers as Sam hides. However, DC Morden notices Sam sneaking past the church gates and runs after him. Sam falls and twists his ankle and then tries to fend the police off by swinging a tree branch at them. He's arrested and led to a police car as Charity and Declan watch worrying that Sam might have gone too far. Victoria tells Leyla that her secret's safe with her. Leyla begins chatting with Priya in The Woolpack and they find common ground when they both cause to bitch about him. Brenda admits to Bob that she broke down crying whilst he was out. He mentions about the bereavement counselling to her but Brenda takes it the wrong way, thinking that Bob is sick of her talking about Gennie. The police tell Sam that they have new evidence about the new evidence they've discovered regarding his jumper. Sam tries to make them realise that Declan is setting him up, but they don't believe him. Charity is concerned when Rachel tells her that her and Sam were actually considering leaving the village. Brenda has a change of heart and decides to go to the bereavement counselling. Leyla informs David that she knows he has skeletons in his closet too after talking to Priya, but she's left embarrassed when he reminds her that she not only walked out on him but left him bankrupt as well. Sam is charged on suspicion of arson.


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