Priya thinks she has a solution for Leyla on the job front and asks Rishi to consider giving Leyla a job at the factory. He agrees to think about it. As Charity and Declan set off on their business trip to Germany, Debbie privately wonders about her mother's involvement in the fire. Eric remains glum as he considers his estranged relationship with Val and is sad at the thought of Diane going away to see Annie in Spain. Alicia tries to make it clear to Leyla that she'd prefer her out of the village, but Leyla takes little notice as she receives news of an interview. At court, everyone is on tenterhooks waiting for Rachel to show her face. Sam remains convinced of Declan's involvement when Lisa explains that he and Charity have gone off to Germany on a business trip. At the factory interview, Leyla is worried when she realises Nicola will be interviewing her rather than Rishi. With Rachel yet to arrive, Jai questions Ali on what she knows, and it's clear her blood is starting to boil. Finally with the defendant failing to show, a warrant for her arrest is issued. Leyla is thrown when Nicola suggests that Priya is using her to get back at David and storms out feeling used. Priya convinces Rishi that her trying to get Leyla a job was never about David. Vanessa and Rhona make peace and it looks like a night at a gay bar may be on the cards. Rishi apologises to Leyla and offers her a job. She's delighted and runs to tell David and Alicia insisting that once she gets paid she'll start helping towards rent at Farrers Barn. DC Morden warns Jai off when he begins harassing Ali as she turns up to ask more questions about Rachel's disappearance. Ali's left annoyed when she has to defend Rachel to Ruby and Dan too. Sam tells Samson the truth about Rachel's disappearance. Zak and Lisa are concerned when he tells Samson that when they hear from Rachel, he and Samson will join her on the run. Debbie voices her suspicions about Charity and Declan to Cain.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 due to Coronation Street being broadcast in the 7.00pm slot, ahead of the National Television Awards.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,980,000 (18th place)
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