Kerry is all over Dan as she tends to his wounds, under the illusion that he was mugged. Ali and Dan reluctantly decide that they have no choice but to let things lie with Charity and Declan, worried about what they are capable of. Jacob makes it clear that he's not happy about David and Alicia's decision to kick Leyla out. An awkward Harriet tries to avoid Dom. The Dingles remain exasperated with Sam's determination to run away with Rachel as he continues to wait for her call. Adam tries to convince his family that he and Katie are serious when they tease him about their relationship, confident that she'll ask him to move in with her soon. Leyla voices moving in with Katie to her in the café but is left disappointed when Katie says she'd need a month's rent from her in advance. An eager Jacob tells her that he'll lend her the money so that she can live with Katie and she agrees. Ruby and Ali talk about putting their baby plans in motion again. Sam is stunned when Ali sternly tells him to give it up, as Rachel clearly lied to everyone. Sam declares that he will never give up on Rachel, leaving Jai thoughtful and forming a plan all of his own. Marlon tries to comfort Sam and lets him know that he's there for him if he needs him. Leyla breaks the news to a disgruntled Alicia and David that she's moving across the road to live with Katie, but fails to tell them how she's getting the money. Sam packs his and Samson's things and tells Zak and Lisa that he's moving out. Adam's gutted when Katie tells him that Leyla's moving in with her. Harriet bumps into Dom in the pub and they clear the air. Sam turns up at Tall Trees Cottage with Samson and asks to stay for a while, claiming he's done with the rest of the family.


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