Brenda offers comfort to Alicia who is worrying over Jacob's situation. James uses his charm to get Bernice to increase her order from the farm for the planned beer festival, he's pleased with himself when she agrees knowing that it will keep Moira happy. Declan and Charity continue their romantic display for everyone to see. Declan arranges to stay with Charity, but unbeknownst to the village, Declan will be sleeping on the floor. Bernice orders a wench outfit for the beer festival. Eric asks David if he can stay with him for a few days. David tells Victoria that Val was having an affair. Cain is still irritable with how overcrowded the farm is. Victoria bursts into Pollard's Barn to confront Val. Val breaks down and confesses her HIV secret to her. Bernice shows off her wench outfit to Jimmy and Nicola. Jimmy loves it but Nicola's sickened. Ross finds a wad of cash in Pete's pocket and confronts him, knowing that something is going on. Victoria tries to persuade Val that she needs to tell Eric. Bernice sets about inviting the villagers to the beer festival. Adam and Pete devise a plan to move into Andy's with Adam taking the spare room and Pete taking the attic for a lower amount of rent. Ross is irked and Moira's shocked when they share the news. Val begs Victoria not to say anything to Eric as he packs his stuff and leaves.


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