James refuses to believe that Pete isn't covering for Ross. Jimmy gets drunk in The Woolpack at the beer festival, with all of the barrels to himself as nobody else is drinking them. James is appalled when he finally realises that Pete is telling the truth as he explains that he started selling drugs to keep them afloat. Ruby asks Bob and Brenda if she can clock off early as she has an interview for a care vacancy, and explains that money is tight. Bernice realises that James isn't going to turn up at the beer festival and sets about sampling the ales with Jimmy. Eric tells David and Alicia that he's going to move out of Farrers Barn and into The Woolpack. Victoria continues to try and encourage Val to talk to Eric, but to no avail. Pete explains that he was resentful towards James as he took him granted for so long. James hugs Pete, apologising as a hurt Ross enters and sees them. Moira's annoyed when she finds Paddy tending to the cows, but tells him he might as well finish. Ross packs his bags and leaves Butlers Farm, telling James that if he ever hits him again he'll kill him. Moira tells James that she doesn't want Pete living or working at the farm anymore. Paddy informs Moira that it looks like James was right about the cows having copper deficiency. Brenda hides her panic when Suzie returns to look for her purse. Nicola arrives in the pub to find Jimmy and Bernice both drunk. When Suzie suggests that Ruby stole her purse Bob is quick to defend her, but is worried as Suzie storms out, mentioning the police. Pete encourages Ross to stay in the village, he tells him to have a word with Andy about taking his place at Dale View. Brenda fears further repercussions when Bob later confides that he is worried Ruby did actually steal the purse. A drunken Jimmy falls asleep in the pub, so Nicola wakes him by pushing him off his stool. She's then forced to admit to Bernice that she over-exaggerated regarding James's interest in her when Jimmy puts his foot in it. Pete tells Moira he's flushed the drugs and begs her to let him stay and work at the farm. When James defends him, Moira scolds Pete but tells him he can stay.


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Leyla Harding: (to Alicia Metcalfe) "What are you dressed like that for? Like Jimmy Krankie auditioning for Mumford and Sons."
Paddy Kirk: (to Adam Barton) "Anybody ever tell you your mum's really scary?"
Bernice Blackstock: (drunkenly) "Nicola! Can I interest you in a pint of Sheepy Nipple? (laughs hysterically) I mean... I mean tipple. Tipple."

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