Moira tries to be supportive of James, doing her best to line him up for the deal with Charlotte. However, when Moira then announces that she's not interested in being part of it, James is flummoxed. Charlotte insists they don't need Moira for the deal to go ahead, but James seems fixated on getting her involved. Meanwhile, Sam returns, but he remains frosty with his family and makes it clear that he's not sticking around. Jai is surprised to see Sam and struggles to keep his patience when Sam tells him that he has no leads on Rachel and Archie. He begins to get suspicious when Sam asks for more money, but has no choice but to give him what he wants. Later, Charity is relieved to hear that Sam hasn't found Rachel, but is worried at his determination to carry on looking. Soon afterwards, Charity arrives at the Dingles' just in time to see money exchanging hands between Sam and Jai. Realising what is going on, she desperately tries to explain to Sam that he is being used and that Jai will undoubtedly stitch Rachel up should she return. Elsewhere, while Ruby remains upset that Bob still thinks she's guilty of stealing, Brenda's guilt is rising. Brenda attempts to resolve the situation by planting the stolen purse in the café for Bob to find. Bob is mortified when he comes across it. Later, an apprehensive Bob attempts to apologise to Ruby. Also, as Bernice fumes about her failed date and scrutinises Charlotte as she flirts with James, Nicola is left feeling bad for her and thinks internet dating could be the way forward.


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