James tries to persuade Moira to meet Charlotte with him, but she reiterates her choice to pass on this deal. Pete tries to convince James to go it alone, but is then shocked when James lies to Charlotte, telling her that Moira is interested but otherwise engaged. He says that she has given him authority to talk on behalf of the pair of them. Pete worries this could come back to bite them. Later at the pub, James flirts with Charlotte, making sure Cain is watching. Cain is left thoughtful when James leads Charlotte out of the pub, wondering if he's got his feelings for Moira wrong. At the same time, Moira confides in Vanessa that she and James have history, but Vanessa is adamant she shouldn't lose a good deal over it. Meanwhile, Charity remains determined to get Sam to see sense. She confronts Jai and accuses him of using Sam. Jai admits this is true - he simply wants Archie back and to hell with everyone else, including Rachel. Unbeknown to Jai, Charity has recorded his words and later plays it to Sam, who crumbles on hearing Jai's true intentions. Unfortunately, Charity's actions backfire when Sam suggests that he needs to find Rachel more so now than ever, so Jai can't get to her first. Elsewhere, Sandy suspects that Sean is still sweet on Belle. Also, Leyla is concerned when Priya deflects from eating.


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