Megan, Declan and Robbie discuss new beginnings as they stand at the burnt-out wreck of Home Farm, but Declan is anxious about costs, conscious of his promise to Charity. Charity is furious when she finds out they've already received their insurance payout and is apoplectic when Declan confesses that all the money is accounted for and he can't pay her anything. Charity and Declan row angrily, but Charity's anger turns to shock when he offers to make her a partner, meaning a third of everything will be hers. He thinks they could be a killer team. Soon anger turns to passion as they both succumb to their desires, kissing passionately. Meanwhile, Leyla is determined to keep up with a super-fit Priya as she joins her for a jog. Priya goes over on her ankle but is desperate to carry on and gets frustrated with Leyla and David as they try and look after her. Later, David doesn't know what to believe when Leyla voices her concerns about Priya having an eating disorder. Elsewhere, James returns after a night with Charlotte, telling Moira and Cain that his business deal is looking good. Later, James is secretly delighted when Moira opts to ignore Cain's advice and be part of the deal with Charlotte. In the pub, Dan encourages James to fight for the woman of his dreams, unaware they're talking about Moira. Dan is soon alarmed to realise that Moira is the woman James has fallen for when she arrives to celebrate their business deal. Also, Sandy agrees to help with Sean's film project and Marlon and Nicola decide to find Bernice a man and create her an online profile.


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