Leyla lies about why she and Priya were arguing. Feeling humiliated, Priya leaves in tears and a guilty Leyla follows. Leyla is shocked by Priya's threat to turn the tables on her if she dares to tell anyone about her problem. Priya insists that she's not harming her baby and Leyla is dismayed to see the depth of her misery. Leyla tells Alicia her concerns about Priya. Later, Priya takes a plate of food upstairs with her and battles with herself to eat it. Alicia relays Leyla's fears to David but warns him not to go blundering in. That evening, Jai comforts a tearful Priya, but doesn't see how badly she's struggling with herself. Meanwhile, James tells an impressed Moira about the business meeting at Fulton Manor, saying that he'll ask if Adam can come with them. Later, Dan is wary to hear that Moira and James are stopping over in Preston, conflicted by his loyalties to Cain. Dan is relieved when James tells him that his unrequited love was never Moira, but his relief is short lived when he then hears James telling Adam that he's not allowed to go to the meeting, convinced James is set on wangling himself a night alone away with Moira. Elsewhere, Megan senses that Charity and Declan are hiding something, unhappy about Charity getting a third of the company. Also, Vanessa tells Paddy that he's not allowed to keep the pig. Finally, Georgia thinks she has lost her watch.


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