Moira and James are excited about the possibility of landing a new contract and it seems Charlotte and Tim are impressed with what they've seen at Butlers Farm, inviting them to carry on negotiations at the hotel. At the same time, Dan fears that he's made a big mistake after letting slip to Cain about James's feelings for Moira. Cain races to the hotel, anxious to get there before anything happens between Moira and James. With work off the cards until the morning, Moira looks forward to a relaxing evening at the hotel, however she's unaware of James's plans for the night as he blows out Charlotte to spend more time with her. The relaxed atmosphere soon turns uncomfortable when James brings up their past affair. Meanwhile, a weak Priya suddenly gets painful stomach cramps. Rishi tries to control his panic as he finds her scared and doubled over in pain and insists on getting her straight to hospital. David is also concerned to learn that Priya has been taken unwell. Upon her return, after being given the all clear, a determined Priya decides to visit Leyla to put her straight on a couple of things, but is torn as Leyla explains that she can only help if she lets her. Elsewhere, Brenda has an overwhelming urge to steal. Also, Paddy adds two piglets to his collection, but Rhona insists they won't be staying. Finally, Bernice tells Nicola and Marlon to take her dating profile down.


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