Moira is set to back out of the business deal, unable to trust James after the previous night's revelations. Alone in the meeting, James is in trouble as Tim makes his displeasure about Moira's non-appearance clear. When Cain presses Moira about what is wrong, she braces herself to tell him. Moments later, Cain is fuming. Later, when James arrives and pleads with Moira to go back into the meeting, Moira is in a dilemma as to what to do. Cain's anger with James is not to be underestimated, but he urges a torn Moira to go to the meeting if it's what she really wants. Moira is delighted when she and James secure the deal. That evening, Cain is shocked when Moira asks him to marry her, questioning her reasons for asking. As a result, Moira finds herself angry and on the defence. Meanwhile, when Debbie comes to the café looking for her missing camera, Brenda tries to hide her guilt. An offended Ruby assumes Bob is accusing her of taking it. Harriet encourages Bob to set up a secret camera if he wants to catch the thief. Later, Brenda retrieves Debbie's camera from her 'stash box', clearly getting a thrill from her thieving. Elsewhere, Priya asks Alicia to tell David to go easy on Leyla. She later assures Leyla that she just needs a friend rather than professional help. Also, Victoria begs Finn not to quit his job and warns a self-pitying Eric that Finn is ready to walk away. Finally, Bernice is unfazed by Jimmy's pessimism as she looks forward to her date with Anton. Thrilled, Bernice later boasts about how well it went.


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