Chas surprises Diane by arriving back at the pub with Katie, she informs them that Aaron and Ed have broken up. Betty tries to con Bob out of another free cake at the café but he becomes annoyed with her. Victoria calls on David to try to talk to Eric as he begins to talk to solicitors about divorcing Val. Anton surprises 'Beverley' by arriving at The Woolpack. She invites him over to Mill Cottage tomorrow lunch time so he can cook for her. Victoria informs Val that Eric is planning a divorce. Ruby accidentally stumbles across the hidden camera in the café. Eric calls in at the barn which results in another argument with Val. An incensed Ruby tells Sean about Bob's hidden camera, certain that he has put it there in an attempt to catch her stealing. She comes up with a plan. Diane invites Eric through to the back as the pub gossip about the divorce plans. Chas is keen to get back behind the bar and serves her first pint to James and they start flirting with each other. Eric tells Diane that he is certain that Ian has now dumped Val and that she still doesn't want him. Chas joins in a darts match with James, Adam and Pete. She asks James for a drink tomorrow. Eric and Diane get through half a bottle of malt between them as he pours his heart out. Moira finds out about Jame's date arrangement with Chas; she warns him not to mess her around. Victoria tries to make Val see that she needs to get tested. A drunken Eric and Diane share a kiss and she leads him upstairs.


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