Victoria tries to make Eric see that he should be at the clinic with Val as she sits in the waiting room on her own. Bernice helps Nicola set up a fake profile on a dating website to ensnare Anton. Bob confides in Dan that it was Brenda stealing in the café and explains Harriet's theory over her grieving for Gennie. Val's thrilled when Eric arrives at the clinic, but he's frosty. Alicia pushes Diane to put on a party for Val's birthday tomorrow. Diane gives in but insists on keeping it to family only. Bob hunts out Brenda's stash of things she's stolen. Megan's irritated when she finds out nobody bothered to consult her about re-employing Sam. Eric and Val agree to get their results together. Val's devastated when she's told she has HIV but is made up for Eric when his results come back negative. Kerry convinces Alicia to ignore Diane and put on a big party for Val's birthday. Dan tells Kerry about Brenda's thieving but swears her to secrecy. Bob starts handing back the things that Brenda stole, giving Georgia her watch back and Debbie her camera, stating that somebody handed them in. He asks Brenda what Gennie would say if she saw her stealing. Megan's angry with Charity when she sacks her building contractor behind her back and replaces him with one that is 10% cheaper. Brenda admits to Bob that she can't explain her urge to steal and worries what's happening to her. Val accuses Eric of pitying her when he fusses around her. She tells him to go away and leave her alone.


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Memorable dialogue

Megan Macey: "Sam just surprised me in the woods."
Charity Sharma: "Wow. Well, whatever turns you on."

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