David explodes at Jack but Jack makes David realise he was being used.


David drunkenly shouts at Jack after finding Gwen on his bed, accusing him of trying to steal her. Their row quickly turns to Seddon as David tries to blame everyone for his humiliation. Jack tries to make him see he was ignorant and used by Phelps. Henry tells Annie of his trip, where he met some rich farmers and thinks that there is money to be made in cows for milk and beef. He wants to go and see a man in Connelton. He agrees to go with Joe to Langfell Hunt Point to Point, he asks Annie to come but she has already made arrangements. Henry is jealous. Joe's motorbike has broken down again. Henry offers him and Penny a lift to Connelton. Still bitter about his lost opportunity, David is sarcastic when Henry invites him to the Point-to-Point with Penny. Jack finds out about the contract David signed that ties him to the brewery. When he discovers David doesn't even have a copy, he starts to write him a new contract to get him out of the first one. Gwen worries about David; Jack informs Gwen that he hinted at moving on. Henry talks to Frank about marriage. Annie returns home and Henry questions her about where she's been and with who, but she's secretive.


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Memorable dialogue

Jack Sugden: "You're not looking for solutions, you're looking for a scapegoat! Seddon, or me. Or even Gwen, anybody except yourself!"
David Reece: "Seddon crucified me!"
Jack Sugden: "Seddon is a very particular sort of professional. He's concerned with his life and his reputation. He uses other people for his own purposes. If you choose to get involved with that sort of person then you mustn't complain at the consequences. He's not on the artistic board of Oxfam!"

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