Priya passes on the baby scan picture to David. Leyla arranges her an appointment with the counselor, Robyn. Charity goes to the factory with the excuse of the decree nisi being due to see what information she can obtain about Mark. He arrives in the office shortly after her and she gets a look at him but is ushered out by Jai. Brenda prepares for her court case with the support of Bob, Kerry and Dan. Mark tells Jai that by setting him up with Rachel he's putting himself and his family in danger and will need £20,000 to move out of the area. Robyn arrives to see Priya. Charity hides in the driveway of the factory and waits for Mark to leave. She snaps a picture of him on her phone as he gets into his car. Val gets news that her immune system, liver and kidneys are functioning fine. Declan freaks out when Charity reports back what she's overheard. Priya admits to Robyn that she's had an eating disorder in the past. Victoria calls to check on Val for Diane. Val isn't impressed. Brenda arrives back from court, having been issued another fine. She's grateful she got off so lightly. Priya tells Leyla that she won't be seeing Robyn again as she doesn't think she's right for her. Bernice lets slip to David the sex of his baby. Charity tells Lisa that Jai is close to tracking down Rachel and asks her to steal Nicola's address book from her desk so she can track him down and scare him off. She plays mind games with Lisa asking her what she thinks will happen when Rachel is found and Jai applies for custody of Archie, stating she believes Rachel will blame the fire on Sam and leave him to rot in jail whilst she fights Jai for custody.


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