Charity is anxious to find out exactly where Jai is heading in order to find Rachel. Lisa reassures Charity that she will help her find out. Ruby suggests to Sean that Belle and Gemma are fighting for his affections; he wonders if she might be right. Leyla voices her worries to Jai about Priya's eating disorder and he is deeply shocked. Lisa manages to find the details in Jai's diary. Jai is frustrated when Priya tries to deny her eating problem, but Jai doesn't back down and becomes increasingly angry, ordering her to eat. Priya lashes out and slaps him. Charity tells Lisa that she wants to confront Rachel alone, despite Lisa's request to go with her. Rhona and Vanessa are exasperated with Paddy and Marlon's fixation on the pigs, so they begin to hatch a plan to get rid of them. Gemma, Sean and Belle plan to go to a party in town on Friday night, but Dom puts stop to their plans. Bernice decides she's had it with men and wants to set up a business, but doesn't know what type of business. Leyla is relieved when Priya admits that she knows she has no choice but to get herself better. Leyla is gentle and encourages Priya as she tries to eat but Priya pours some of her soup away when Leyla goes to answer the door to Jai. She makes them promise that her problem will stay a secret between the three of them.


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